Dear Souls… I had a Vision

Dear Souls in Earthsuits,

I am writing to tell you that I had a vision.
Of you.  Of me.  All of us in a place of strings and woodwinds.  Bells and infinite melodies.
Sometimes I see in sound.
Sometimes I feel in music.
Sometimes I am in tune, sometimes I am out of tune.  Either way, it comes in song.  Then I am struck with a design.  I call it an idea, but The Universe might call it communication.

Solitary upright bass…. Low, but clear and constant cello… a smooth clarinet….the accordion is playing in reverse and the piano is muted and filtered, echoing from some long, dark hallway.

What does this mean?

Well… The feeling I have runs so deep it surpasses definition. So when you ask, “What does it mean?”  I have no label or categorization necessarily.  Too often, we get lost in explanation.  We tend to listen with the intent to respond rather than with the intent to understand.  But I can try…

Change is happening.
And it is coming for you whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, and whether or not you approve.

That upright bass?  That is time.  Well… it’s less “time” and more evolution.   The bass foundation.  A deep breath.   A propeller.  An old steamboat.  Slowly… slowly… slowly… yet poignantly moving and supporting.

That constant cello?  That is you.  Steady but apprehensive.  There you are moving, because you can’t not move.  But you put your hands out, as if ready to shield yourself from a bright beam of light that might pop up out of a manhole and blind you of your path.  We all do it.  If we were just pure souls walking around, we would know that a light like that is nothing to fear and blocking it would be less productive.  But the purest part of us is fused with this human side.  And THAT part is the part that fears.  Please understand… the opposite of fear is NOT courage.  The opposite of fear is love.

The clarinet is your soul.  It is clear and bright and beautiful.  But it is often overlooked… UNLESS… you are in measures of long and unvarying tones.  Then it can shine above the shadow.  It can be heard- if you pay attention.  And it will speak to you in soft and solid tones… and you will know it is there.  That it has always been there.  Because it is an integral part of the symphony.

That backwards accordion?  It is an interesting sound.  I wish you could hear it.
This sound feels like them.  A sound that represents flashes of pictures of yesterday, last month, last year, 20 years.  Pictures that don’t make sense in and of themselves, but you can sense their meaning.  Because when you are unconsciously IN them, you catch your breath.  A thought passes through your brain just as quickly as the pictures roll and you forget where you are for a moment.  This is old energy.  These moments do not exist anywhere other than in your mind.  Did you realize that?  The accordion does.  It plays in reverse… it’s not unraveling you, it’s reminding you.  Good or bad, that part is not part of your forward motion.

The piano… the piano is the other side of change.  The other side of fear.  It’s down there, I can hear it.  Will we make it there?  We can’t NOT make it there.  The difference for any of us is: Will you get there by walking gently?  Or will you resist every step?  It is beautiful… and it is calming, and soothing, it’s ok… and it’s right. there.

For you who walk gently, bless you.  You see with your eyes closed.

For you who resist, kicking and screaming, bless you.  Your fight is a message.

For either of you, the surprise when you get there is… the one sitting at the piano, is you.


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