Summer Osborne LOVES to play music! She is always looking to expand the people she meets, the places she plays, and the types of events…

Frequent gigs include: Spiritual Centers. Churches of all kinds and denominations. Intimate house concerts. Radio Shows. Coffeehouses. LGBT events and benefits. Listening Rooms. Music Festivals. Pridefests.

Music Specifics: Summer plays the acoustic guitar and keyboard. She usually performs a 30 minute to 120 minute set, depending on the situation. She can play unplugged or with the complete sound system she takes on her travels. Each set list is created specifically for each experience – she has over 120 original songs and does a few covers – and she can play censored or uncensored.

Workshops and Coaching:

Not only is Summer a musician, but she is also an artist activist, a spiritual and personal adviser, and Life Coach.

 Summer can lead an experience ranging from 1-2 hours. She is comfortable with churches, spiritual centers, educational settings, festivals, and personal deliberate settings.
Her intention is to connect and encourage YOU to connect as well.
We are all souls in earth suits trying to figure out this human experience. When we were born, we didn’t come with an instruction manual on how to navigate this life. Early on, we attach ideas and beliefs to “why things are the way they are” from our childlike perspective- inadvertently skewing our observation of the world.  Now is the time to UNlearn.
Summer will present you with a fusion of music, life coaching, and discussion to create an emotional odyssey of exploration and self-discovery. Together, we will gently and artfully encourage the dismantling of our human suits to reveal the relationship that is ethereal… the soul connection. In this presentation we will talk about awareness, monitoring your thoughts, self-talk, love vs. fear, and change.

For bookings and inquiries, please contact:

Summer Osborne


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