As an independent musician, I am infinitely grateful for the support of my fans.  I travel around sharing the message in hopes that people “get” the purpose of my drive.  Sometimes I rob Peter to save Paul… sometimes I’m just right as rain.  Either way, I know that I live in an abundant world, and the universe always supports.
With that being said, recently a fan asked if I had a “Donate” button on my website.  When I told her there was NOT a magic little button, she replied, “You really should do that… because I would like to donate to your cause!”

Well then! I think that’s a great idea! SO… if you’d like to donate to cause, please do!  Every little bit helps – and regardless… we are eternally grateful for all you do to inspire us in every way!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love and Light,
~Summer Osborne

Virtual Tip Jar.jpg



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