As an independent musician, I am infinitely grateful for the support of my fans.  My wife and I travel around sharing our craft in hopes that people “get” the purpose of our drive.  Sometimes we rob Peter to save Paul… sometimes we are just right as rain.  Either way, we know that we live in an abundant world, and the universe always supports.  With that being said, recently a fan asked if I had a “Donate” button on my website.  When I told her there was NOT a magic little button, she replied, “You really should do that… because I would like to donate to your cause!”

Well then! I think that’s a great idea! SO… if you’d like to donate to cause, please do!  Every little bit helps – and regardless… we are eternally grateful for all you do to inspire us in every way!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love and Light,
~Summer Osborne

Virtual Tip Jar.jpg


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